The most annoying yet scariest thing about diabetes is that;

Patients with diabetes who have not yet developed any symptoms are often unaware they have the disease since the signs and symptoms do not appear until later on.

According to a recent study, 86% of Diabetes sufferers are unaware that they have the disease. The majority of people only recognize it after it’s too late or they’ve already been struck down by the illness.

Because of this, many doctors refer to it as “the silent killer.

Now that’s awkward and frightening at the same time!


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are either Pre-diabetic or Diabetic.

These signs indicate you are at high risk for diabetes.

Try to relax and block all forms of distractions. Your 100% attention is highly needed. I am going to share with you, the remedy that has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people to cure DIABETES, some of who were even in danger of death.


The shocking truth about diabetes..

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world. As of 2016, Nigeria has the highest number of people with diabetes with 3.9 million.

This figure will be doubled by 2020. In the 90s, little was known about diabetes in Nigeria. Today, the average household has a diabetes scare. Diabetes is the main cause of serious diseases like heart failure, cardiovascular diseases like stroke, sexual dysfunction, nephropathy, retinopathy, vascular dysfunction, and different forms of cancer.

Most diabetic patients suffer from non-healing wounds, which leads to the Amputation of limbs, hands, and feet. Also, diabetes is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease. Nigeria has one of the worst healthcare facilities in the world and the poverty index is so low.

  • Are you tired of a regulated lifestyle?
  • Are you tired of feeling like you are a piece of an experiment?
  • Are you sick of drugs day in and day out without any signs of improvement?
  • Are you tired of avoiding foods you naturally love to eat?
  • Are you tired of getting your finger pricked?

I don’t want you to feel bad, I know exactly how you feel, My grandma was once in your shoes. In the next few minutes, I will be showing you how to reverse this deadly disease once and for all before it does more harm to you.

Let me ask you a question;

Assuming someone got his leg broken, definitely, he will feel pains, in order to take care of the pains, he used pain reliever, the pains got suppressed, does that means his legs are still not broken?
No, his leg is still broken just that his pain has been reduced.

That’s exactly what your diabetes drugs have been doing to you.

The pharmaceutical companies are not interested in healing the sickness itself, but rather in reducing the symptoms so that you can keep returning to buy more because they earn a lot of money from you.

That’s the sad truth, your medications cannot heal you, they are meant to just “reduce” the symptoms of diabetes (and not treat it) for as long as your money can last.

Let me give proof of what I’m saying.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was hit with a $2.3billion punishment by the US government in 2009 for deceptive marketing and selling of substandard products. Beware of these crooks; they have no regard for your well-being and are just in it for the money.

Thus; if you think that the pharmaceuticals care about you, I guess it’s time you need to have a reconsideration.

What Doctors Don’t Tell You:

If you ask them what causes diabetes, some will say they don’t know, some will blame it on old age, and some will blame it on nutrition. as sad as this conflicting information is, they prescribe heavy dosages for you monthly, and you buy them without hesitation because “health is wealth”
The truth is that you are diabetic because

  • Your pancreas does not produce enough insulin (Type 1 diabetes)
  • Your body does not make use of the insulin produced (Type 2 diabetes)
  • Your immune system is too weak

Diabetes is simply a condition that occurs when the body can not produce enough insulin or the insulin produced is not properly utilized by the body.

Now the question is;

  • Why does your pancreas not produce insulin?
  • Why does your body not make use of insulin?
  • why is your immune system weak?

The reason all these are happening to you is because of a metabolic disorder. Which are usually caused by toxins and hormonal imbalance.

Basically, all you need to do is take a prescription that will improve your immune system, correct the pancreas to work effectively, repair the pancreas to secrete the right amount of insulin naturally, and also increase insulin utilization in the body.
In that manner, diabetes and its consequences will never be an issue for you again.


Gastrifort + Golden Hypha. The ultimate natural treatment for diabetes

With Certificates Of Approval's

The PURXCEL is a natural blend of herbs sourced around the world mixed in determined proportions to help anyone struggling with rising blood sugar…

The PURXCEL is helpful in controlling the onset of all these complications, apart from controlling blood sugar levels. Ingredients of The Purxcel have been specially selected so that it prevents these complications from occurring. The Purxcel should also be taken by people who have a family history of Diabetes i.e. someone in their blood relation has been a patient of Diabetes because The Purxcel helps to prevent the onset of Diabetes.

Here’s what you will benefit from:

  • Normalize Your Blood Sugar – Calorie Counting or Hunger
  • Restore Pancreatic Function and Eliminate Insulin Resistance
  • Prevent Or Reverse Diabetes Complications
  • Increase Insulin and Leptin Sensitivity So You Can Easily Lose Weight and Keep It Off.
  • Get Completely OFF Your Diabetes Medications Boost Your Energy Levels, Strengthen Your Immune System and Improve the Quality Of Your Life…
  • Forever vanquish needles, prescriptions, insulin, and medication side effects.

Discover how hundreds of men and women worldwide have become diabetes-free, and how you can too:

  • Even If You Have a Family History of Diabetes
  • Even If You’ve Been Fighting Weight and Blood Sugar Problems for Decades
  • Even If You’ve Tried Every Diet Under The Sun Without Success
  • Even If You’re Already On Insulin or Drugs for Diabetes, High Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, or Have Any Related Complications
  • Without Harmful Drugs or Risky Surgical Procedures
    Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

The Purxcel is a natural blend of herbs sourced around the world mixed in determined proportions to help anyone struggling with rising blood sugar…

It reverses type 2 diabetes no matter how long you’ve been struggling.



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This supplement has been approved by NAFDAC and other international bodies

How Much Is Your Health Really Worth to You?

If you think this is expensive, then you truely don’t understand the value of good health!

A sick person have only one wish; To be whole again. Don’t wait until the situation is almost too late before you start taking action and spending even much more money, at that point your money might not even save you!

A wise man once said “A stitch in time save nine”.

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